35+ Graduation Gift Ideas

35+ Graduation Gift Ideas

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  • 29 April,2018

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Graduation Season is rolling around again and finding a useful yet interesting gift for a high school graduate can be tough. So why not show them how proud you are of them with one of the gifts on our list below.  It’s a great way to celebrate and congratulate them on this milestone they are crossing.



  1. Lottery Tickets
  2. Headphones
  3. Gas Cards
  4. Grocery Cards
  5. Luggage
  6. Magazine Subscriptions
  7. Gift Card to the College Gift Store that they are attending!
  8. Concert Tickets
  9. Messenger Bag/Backpack
  10. XL Twin Sheets/Bedding
  11. $50.00 in Quarters for Laundry
  12. Tool Kits
  13. Kindle/I-pod/I-pad/Laptop
  14. Laundry Basket of needed College Items (pencils, pens, notebooks, highlighters, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)
  15. Salon Gift Cards
  16. Oil Change Gift Certificate/Card
  17. Alarm Clock
  18. College Clothing (Hoodies, T-shirts)
  19. Power Strips
  20. Towels (personalized if you wanna be fancy)
  21. Coffee Pot/Keurig or Electric Tea Kettle
  22. Durable Coffee Cup/Water Bottle
  23. Microwave
  24. A Netflix Account
  25. Bus Pass/Metro Card if needed in a big city
  26. Great College Books like a Guide to College or Dr. Suess’s ‘The Places You’ll Go’ or How to be Thrifty.
  27. Amazon Gift Cards
  28. A Nice Watch
  29. Hygiene/Toiletry Kit
  30. Pepper Spray
  31. Full Length Mirror (for back of door)
  32. Flashlights
  33. Umbrella
  34. First Aid Kit
  35. An Experience: Maybe it’s not a thing you should give, maybe it’s something to do. Hang gliding, hot air balloon rides, sky diving, zip lining,  Nascar experience–a great idea for the thrill seekers on your list (and Groupon and other deal sites seem to offer these on a regular basis).
  36. Jewlery
  37. CASH!


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